Hi all,

In September, A2U hosted a meeting to establish a task force that will help drive a sustainable cultural change to create an equitable environment for all players. If you are interested in the slides from that meeting, they can be found here:

Established initiatives, ideas, and suggestions include:
- Equity belief statement
- More recruiting and marketing focused on marginalized / minority groups
- Monetary incentives for marginalized / minority groups
- Safety Policy with clear language and clear consequences
- Equitable distribution in leadership (directors, captains, etc.)
- Promote utilization of women on the field (called in) as primary handlers/cutters
- Educate everybody on the importance of gender neutral language
- Encourage confidence in all players - i.e. no sorry policy
- Gather feedback (surveys)
- Work to develop skills with clinics
- Provide more female only playing opportunities, more true mixed (4/3,3/4) instead of just coed (5/2, 6/1)

If you are interested in contributing or following equity initiatives, please email the committee at equity-committee@lists.annarborultimate.org for more information. We will also be sharing information and news as opportunities arise.