Winter League 2018 Monday 5v5 Division (Mixed)

Registration, Groups, and Waitlist Details

Please check out our FAQ page for more information about our registration process. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please send us a note at

Rule Modificatons

This division will play using the USAU 11th edition rule set with our competitive division rule modifications with one exception; kick blocks will not be allowed within 5 feet of thrower. Please see our rules page for more information.

Other Details

As with all ultimate games, the emphasis in this league will be on high spirit, great exercise, and fun for both new and experienced players. Play hard, but play nice. And remember, violence, be it physical or verbal, is never acceptable and will get you suspended. Please keep your head about you.

  • Games are played to time (1.5 hours) and end immediately when your timeslot is over. This means that games can end mid-point and/or in a tie. Additionally, captains are encouraged to determine the last point to end before your time is up to enable a smooth transition to the next game.
  • Bring light and dark (or your team color) shirts to delineate teams, water, and cleats.
  • Gender Matching: the typical rule is that the offense sets how many women are on the field for that point, and the defense matches. This does not, however, require women to play the entire game if one team has fewer than the other, or give women 100% game time while the men only get 50%. Captains should discuss and find a balance that makes all players happy. If there is a large imbalance of women, or players in general, often the best solution is for one team to sub someone over to the other for the game (perhaps switching at half). Do what makes the game fun, and fair. Note that match-ups on the line should be based on skill, speed, and height; you don't have to match versus gender. The objective is to have an even game.
  • This division uses our normal pick-up policy
  • After the games do a cheer for the other team, even on competitive night. This can be a quick "Great game!", a song with modified lyrics, it a haiku, an interpretive dance, or a massive game of rock paper scissors. We've seen all of these done quite well. Show good spirit, this is ultimate.
  • There is no alcohol allowed on or near the fields.

Most of all, have fun! Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to your captains, or to the organizers by emailing


Captains are highly appreciated, and play for a discount. Just put a 4 (or a 2-4 typically) in the "How Much I'd Like to Be a Captain" portion of your registration. As we form teams we'll choose captains based on experience, team balance, etc. If you're chosen, you'll have to come to the captains meeting, send emails to your teams to get them psyched about the games, and do the usual captain job of helping new players and keeping the spirit on your team high. You don't have to be the best player on the team, but you do have to have spirit and energy! Captains make this league work, so if you've been playing for a few seasons, think about joining the ranks of the captains.


Upon fulfilling their duties at the end of the season, captains receive a registration refund of $30.