Summer League 2019 Tuesday Competitive Division (Mixed)

The competitive division is intended to offer a high level of play for experienced players. This division is suggested for those that have played club or college ultimate for at least one year. Teams will be selected with a draft process outlined below.

This division will be played in a mixed format. 4 teams will be formed in a closed draft, with 6 spaces reserved for women on each team. Play will focus on having at least 3 women on the field per team each point, but is dependent on attendance.

Approximately 52 players will be drafted and placed on a team. All undrafted players will be refunded and added to a pick-up list if desired. Unfortunately, registration transfers to other divisions will not be permitted.

This division is 10 weeks long. The first two weeks will be semi-structured pick-up for everyone to show the captains their skills. Between week two and three, captains will draft their teams. After a double round-robin regular season, a two-week playoff will take place. The championship game will be played as a showcase with an accompanying viewing party. The champions will receive championship jerseys or tanks.

While safety and spirit are the top priorities, playing hard and trying to win games should be a focus in this division. Playing time will be balanced as much as possible, but captains will have the option of managing lines a bit during games. This division will play by our default rule set (11th edition with contact and 20-yard end zones) and will use no additional modifications.

If you are interested in captaining for this division, please email the directors. Captains for this division should be enthusiastic, knowledgable, and willing to lead. As a reward for your hard work, you will receive a FULL REFUND after the season.

Please see the "Detailed Info" section for more on this division.

Interested in captaining a team? Sign up early and save the date for our mandatory captains' meeting on Tuesday, May 28th (7pm) at Lillie Park in Ann Arbor.

Dates Time
June 04, 2019 through August 13, 2019 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Mitchell Field · Directions · Layout
Cost Minimum Age
PayPal $80.00 15 Years Old
Important Dates
Registration Deadline May 28, 2019 at 6:00pm or 120 Players