Summer League 2019 Tuesday Competitive Division (Mixed)


There are no groups allowed for the Tuesday Competitive division.


Games will be played by the 11th edition rules, including the experimental rules for "contact" and 20-yard end zones. No additional rules changes apply for competitive divisions. Please see our rules page for more information.


This division will be played in a mixed format. The goal is for each point to be play 4:3, but this depends on attendance and availability. We will be follow PADA's gender matching rules whenever possible:

  • If both teams have 5+ healthy women, the gender ratio for the game is 4 Men / 3 Women.
  • If a team has only 2 healthy women, the gender ratio for the game is 5 Men / 2 Women.
  • If a team has only 1 healthy woman, they will play down a woman (and thus down a player).
  • If a team has no healthy women, they will forfeit the game.
  • For all other situations, the gender ratio for the game is 5 Men / 2 Women or 4 Men / 3 Women (Offense Decides).


Captains will be responsible for drafting their team and keeping their team competitive. Each week, they should evaluate the need for pick-ups to ensure they have enough players. Captains will receive a full refund at the conclusion of the division.

Each captain pairing is made up of one man and one woman. Captains are encouraged to select their pairing partner ahead of time (e.g. I want to be a captain, and I want player X to be my co-captain), but will be placed if that does not happen.


The draft will take place between the first and second week with food/refreshments provided by the Ann Arbor Ultimate. All captains are required to attend.

All players not selected will be refunded and be offered a spot on a pick-up list. If you feel that you are deserving of a spot on a team, it is the player's responsibility to appeal to the captains (with play during the first-week pickup game, over email, or some other method) before the draft.


The first week will be an optional pick-up game. All players are encouraged to come out as this will be used as a tool for captains to select their teams.

The second through seventh week will be double round-robin format. These games will be used as seedings into the playoffs.

A two-week playoff will finish up the division. Week eight will feature a 1v4 and 2v3 match-up determined by regular season record, followed by head-to-head record and point differential. The ninth and final week will feature a finals showcase game with an accompanying party (food and refreshments included). The 3rd-place game will be optional and based on a poll of the teams (and will likely be abbreviated).


All games should begin promptly at 6:30pm. However, fields are reserved starting at 6:00pm. Teams and/or players are encouraged to show up early to warm up, run drills, and otherwise prepare for their games. Games will be played to 15, win by 2, hard cap at 17, 8:30pm, or dark, whichever comes first.


A pick-up list will be created for teams looking for players. All pick-ups must sign a waiver and pay $10 per game. Pick-ups are not required to come from within division, captains should look to stay competitive and replace players with ones of equal skill. Pick-ups are only allowed if you have fewer than 10 players or fewer than 4 of either gender.