Spring 2020 Spring Hat Tournament (Co-Rec)

Tournament Format

The 2020 Ann Arbor Ultimate Spring Hat Tournament will take place on Saturday, May 16th at Lillie Park. Games will start at 10:00am and will go until about 5:00pm. This is a co-rec hat tournament and will play 3 or 4 games with food to follow.

We will accept registrations at the field site on the day of, but the only way to guarantee a spot on a team and food after the tournament is to sign up online by Friday, May 15th at 6:00pm. This will help us plan ahead and anticipate tournament needs.

Rule Modificatons

This division will play using the USAU 2020-2021 rule set with our recreational division rule modifications. Please see our rules page for more information.

Gender Matching

Offense sets how many women are on the field for a given point; defense matches to the best of their ability. Before the game, captains should recruit women up to the number assigned to the team OR a predetermined number decided by tournament organizers after team generation. At the fields, captains should strive to find a balance that is equitable to all genders. If there is a large imbalance of players (of one gender or overall), often the best solution is for one team to sub someone over to the other for the game (perhaps switching at half). Note that match-ups on the line should be assigned based on ability; a player does not need to match up with a player of the same gender.

Other Details

As with all ultimate games, the emphasis in this tournament will be on high spirit, great exercise, and fun for both new and experienced players. Play hard, but play nice. And remember, violence, be it physical or verbal, is never acceptable and will get you suspended.

  • Bring light and dark (or your team color) shirts to delineate teams, water, and cleats.
  • After the games do a cheer for the other team. This can be a quick "Great game!", a song with modified lyrics, a haiku, an interpretive dance, or a massive game of rock paper scissors. We've seen all of these done quite well. Show good spirit, this is ultimate.
  • There is no alcohol allowed on or near the fields.

Most of all, have fun! Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to your captains, or to league organizers by emailing directors@annarborultimate.org.