What is Ann Arbor Ultimate?

Ann Arbor Ultimate is an all volunteer non profit organization dedicated to growing the Ultimate community in Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor Ultimate, also known as Ann Arbor Ultimate Summer League, started in the summer of 1994. The first summer league featured a handful of teams playing all games on the one field at Lakewood Elementary School.

Since those humble beginnings, Ann Arbor Ultimate has grown steadily, adding more players and teams. The 2008 Summer League featured close to 700 players, many of whom play on more than 1 team, and 36 teams in all. In summer league games, the highest priorities are spirited play and participation by all. Teams work hard to help new players learn the game, try and perfect new skills, catch the disk, and score. On field disputes are resolved through the cooperation of the players on the field. Teams honor the opposing team with cheers, and often opposing teams share a table at a local restaurant after the game.

Ann Arbor Ultimate is run by a loose knit organizing committee known as the Junta. Since the organization is run entirely by volunteers, it's important that there are new volunteers every year, to spread out the work of putting together leagues and tournaments. If you have some ideas about how we could make our programs even more fun, or just want to volunteer to help out, please contact The Junta and check out our volunteer site. We'll try to recruit you to come and join the Junta. Please note that the minimum requirement for an official Junta meeting is that at least two ultimate players must be present and at least one beer must be consumed. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact: info@annarborultimate.org .

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Last updated: 1/2/2009