The general weather policy of Ann Arbor Ultimate is for players to show up at their scheduled time and see what happens. Games are not generally canceled ahead of time, because Michigan weather is too variable, and many times conditions will change from terrible storms to gorgeous playing weather in less than an hour.

If lightning is spotted or other severe weather conditions are in effect (including a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning), games will be canceled or postponed. ALL PLAYERS MUST IMMEDIATELY VACATE THE FIELD OF PLAY AND SEEK SHELTER WHEN THIS OCCURS. Play cannot be restarted until 15 minutes after the last bolt of lightning is seen and the tornado or severe thunderstorm warning is canceled.

In the case of heavy rain leading to turf damage, the game will be canceled at the discretion of captains or league officials. Damaging the fields could lead to fines, restoration fees and possibly prohibition from using the fields in the future.

Otherwise we'll play rain or snow or shine! In any case, the decision to cancel or postpone the game is always made on site, not ahead of time.