Ann Arbor Ultimate

Ann Arbor Ultimate Weather Policy

Generally, Ann Arbor Ultimate activities are planned with weather conditions in mind. Locations, dates, and times are organized with the intention of avoiding as many weather-related cancellations as possible. That said, the weather can get the best of us at times so please use the following information as a guide.


  • When lightning is sighted during or before games, play will be suspended for a minimum of 30 minutes for severe weather to clear. Additional lightning sighted will restart the 30 minute count. Play can resume when league officials or captains present at the activity concur that it is safe to do so.
  • When a lightning suspension is called, league officials or captains should signal a suspension of play, pick up the disc, and return to a covered location. Participants should be told to return to their vehicles or seek cover until games are resumed, or declared canceled.
  • If a delay lasts more than 45 minutes, or if extended severe weather is forecast, games can be canceled by a consensus of league officials or captains in attendance.
  • League officials or captains at the fields have the authority to apply these guidelines in the best way they see fit, with the safety of participants given greatest importance.


  • Generally, games will continue as scheduled despite rainy or wet conditions, as long as there is no lightning.
  • In the event that the fields are deemed unplayable (i.e. at risk for damage) either by league officials or the owners/operators of the field site, games may be canceled. Cancellations can occur before or during activities.
  • Upon cancellation of an activity, a post will be made on the Ann Arbor Ultimate website and an email will be sent to all members of the division.

Air Quality

  • Ann Arbor Ultimate will suspend or cancel activities when the local Air Quality Index (AQI) is 151 or greater.
  • Ann Arbor Ultimate will use AirNow to determine Air Quality Index impact on scheduled activities.
  • Even if activities are on as scheduled, Ann Arbor Ultimate recommends that participants watch for symptoms related to air quality issues and make choices that best suit their situation (e.g. opting out of play, taking more breaks, etc.).


  • Unless otherwise noted (via the Ann Arbor Ultimate homepage and/or an email from league official or captain), assume that games are ON and NOT canceled.
  • We strive for timely notifications, but prefer not to cancel games if a wait-and-see approach can be used. Games are almost always played as long as they can continue safely and the field owner/operator does not close the site. League officials or captains try to evaluate fields ahead of time to see if adjustments need to be made (e.g. cancellation, delay, relocation, etc.).
  • We suggest that all participants check their email and/or the website before heading out to the field site if inclement weather or a high Air Quality Index is in the forecast.
  • As a policy, no refunds are issued for weather-related cancellations.

Last Updated: May 13th, 2024