2021 Southeast Michigan Club Directory




  • Contact: captains@rivalultimate.com
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  • Rival is a competitive women's ultimate team based out of the Michigan/Ohio area. Founded in 2015, we set out to create a new opportunity for women of the midwest to play elite women's ultimate. We compete at the highest levels while maintaining our on and off the field spirit and team culture that make us one of a kind.

Sushi Roll

  • Contact: sushirolltimate@gmail.com
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  • Sushi Roll is a team that strives to be highly spirited, competitive, and inclusive. Our goal is to offer an opportunity for players to grow and refine their skills in the women's division in Southeast Michigan. In making this team, we hope to build a community through shared love for ultimate.



  • Contact: Ashley Pepple, Andy Foldesi, Scott Hetu, and Ryan Donnelly (driftcaptains@umich.edu)
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  • Drift is a new Ann Arbor based mixed ultimate team that will be forming for the 2020 Club season. Drift aims to bring a positive environment to the Ann Arbor club scene with a focus on competition, Spirit of the Game and equitable play. We will accomplish this by fostering a culture of learning, continuous improvement and last but not least, fun.


  • Contact: Bailey Besser, Michael Dagher-Margosian, and Dan Donovan (hybrid.captains@gmail.com)
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  • Hybrid is Michigan's premiere mixed ultimate frisbee team, focused on high-level competition and equity. Hybrid earned Top-Select status in 2019 and is looking to compete at the highest levels against teams from across the country in 2020. Hybrid is based in Ann Arbor where practices are held on weekends.


  • Contact: pixeldetroitultimate@gmail.com
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  • Pixel is a Mixed club team based out of the metro Detroit area. We are a competitively driven team that wants to work hard and further develop our frisbee skills. Our roster has fun competing, learning, and growing with our teammates. We also are setting a precedent for growing club ultimate in the metro Detroit area by promoting gender equity, growing and developing talent, and maintaining spirit while being competitive.

Rocket Lawnchair

  • Contact: rocketlawnchair.ultimate@gmail.com
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  • We want to play good, competitive, and (most importantly) spirited Ultimate with fun people. Gender equity, community inclusion, and SOTG are main pillars of our team and will play pivotal roles in our decisions throughout the season. We'll practice twice a week in Ann Arbor, attend a few (relatively) nearby tournaments, then finish our season with the series.


Nain Rouge

Red Imp.ala

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