a2u jersey shirts & discs order forms

Hi a2u!

Here are two forms for making a2u jersey shirt and disc orders!

The forms will be active up until the last day of item pickup (Sunday August 1)

  1. Jersey shirts

  2. Discs

Note: only last years' discs are currently available for purchase. There will be discs coming in for Summer Session 2 players!

A few important things about orders

-See our inventory at the link on the forms (this will update as orders are placed)

-Payment must be made by Paypal before we can give you the shirt(s)/disc(s)

-If you want to order more than two, fill out the form multiple times

-If we do not have any more of a type/size/color - sorry we will not be restocking :(

-Check out the forms for days and times that you can view shirts and/or pickup anything you've paid for!

Please email the directors with any questions or concerns!

Cheers, a2u directors

Last Updated: July 21st, 2021