Plans for 2020

Ann Arbor Ultimate has decided that we will not organize leagues for the fall, late fall, or winter seasons. The earliest we will offer leagues is Spring 2021, although this date is subject to later revaluation. Our decision is based on the continuing covid-19 pandemic and the likelihood of continued flares in the fall and winter. We have no intention of having our organization contribute in any way to further spread of the pandemic. While it is not possible to socially distance while playing ultimate, we are happy to help coordinate free ultimate-related activities in the fall that can be done with social distancing if there is interest. Some examples of what this could look like include A2U helping people find throwing partners near them, A2U setting up an online leaderboard for disc golf scores at local parks, or A2U facilitating socially distanced "ultimate-related activity pods" of small groups of people. We will only organize activities if there is sufficient interest; otherwise, we hope to play with you in 2021. Please contact if you would like to learn more.

Last Updated: July 13th, 2020