Sign Up For Fall Pods This Week

Thanks to those of you who responded to our previous survey about alternate activities for the fall in lieu of our normal ultimate leagues. We’re going to move forward with helping to facilitate small “pods” for activities such as throwing & workouts. Ann Arbor Ultimate is not formally organizing these activities, i.e. we’re not reserving field space, which means that these decentralized events are more flexible, responsive to your interests, and also cost free.

Below are some Q&A about what these pods are and how they'll run. TLDR: sign up for pods HERE by next Friday, September 18 and read our safety expectations HERE

What is a “Pod”?

A pod is a small group of people, capped at 10 members, who will meet with each other to do socially distanced ultimate-related activities. They will meet roughly one hour per week, or at other frequencies agreed upon collectively by the pod. The intention is to create set groups of people that help limit interactions, allow for contact tracing, and pair people with similar interests, availabilities, and geographical limitations.

How Will Pods Run?

Social distancing & mask wearing will be required at all pod events. Pods are autonomous units, so you can collectively decide to shift the time you meet, to cancel due to weather or low attendance, or to end meetings for the season. Each group will have a Pod Leader to help coordinate these decisions. Pods are intended to be “permanent” once assigned so we are not adding more members to each group. If you have concern about your pod for any reason or will no longer participate at any point, please let your Pod Leader and/or directors know (

What will Pod Leaders do?

If you are willing to serve as a person who facilitates the logistics, communication, and encourages safety protocols of a pod, please indicate this in the pod registration survey! Pod Leaders will be asked to facilitate communication, scheduling, and help pods initiate discussions. Pod Leaders will not necessarily be responsible for leading or teaching activities. Any pod member, including Pod Leaders, can take on more of a teaching role if they and their group are inclined. Pod Leaders will be the point of contact with A2U if there are any concerns or particular needs (e.g. group needs discs, more sanitizer, cones, etc.).

How is A2U Setting up Pods?

We’ll have a week-long period in which people can share information via this pod registration form about their interest in joining a pod. On this form you can indicate: dates & times available, preferred locations for pod meetings, type of pod you are interested in, and if you would be willing to serve as a Pod Leader. We will also ask you to formally agree to our health & safety guidelines, which were developed from the excellent guidelines established by Autonomous, the local women's club team. Please fill out the pod registration form by next Friday, September 18.

What will A2U Provide?

By Monday September 21, we’ll notify you of your assigned pod group based on the information you’ve provided us. We’ll also include some guidance/suggestions for weekly throwing focuses and workout options. We’ll create an attendance template for your pod so that you can keep track of when you’ll all be there. If your group finds a different method of communication more useful – e.g. a running email or text thread – that works, too. A2U will provide Pod Leaders with a bag of materials to bring to their sessions, including a few discs, cones, and hand sanitizer.

Thank you to everyone who has provided input and feedback to A2U over the past few months. And thank you all for your patience as we've worked to adapt to the current situation. If you have further comments or concerns, feel free to contact the directors as

Last Updated: February 13th, 2021