Ann Arbor Ultimate

Take Part in Ann Arbor Ultimate’s Future!

Hello Everyone!

We are putting out an open call to every(and any)one interested in shaping the future of Ann Arbor Ultimate.

Ann Arbor Ultimate has been around for ~29 years (!) as an all-volunteer organization. We are immensely grateful for all who have helped lead the organization over the years: from our original founders to the folks that stabilized and built up the operation to those that shepherded us through the years since the pandemic started.

As the world has seemingly flipped upside-down in the last few years, so, too, has Ann Arbor Ultimate. A larger part of our wonderful base of folks in leadership have moved on to new opportunities at record pace. This marks an important new chapter in Ann Arbor Ultimate’s history, and we need help from our community!

Ann Arbor Ultimate is looking to cast a wide net for help. We are looking for active, committed, and engaged community members (in all areas!), as well a base of folks that want to contribute but have less time to offer. Active participants might be stepping into established leadership roles (e.g. captains committee) or creating space for new roles to help the organization. For those interested in helping without a large time commitment, activities include, but at not limited to, handling special projects and tasks on irregular schedules. For those interested in helping that cannot commit time, activities include, but are not limited to, providing feedback and generally staying in the loop.

To start, we would like to gather information from the community so that we can begin targeted communication with the members that are interested. Please fill out this form if you are interested:

Survey: Take Part in Ann Arbor Ultimate's Future

We want Ann Arbor Ultimate to continue to thrive and provide a space for ultimate for all for years to come. This is your chance to make sure that happens

Last Updated: February 2nd, 2023