Ann Arbor Ultimate

Captaining in Ann Arbor Ultimate

Ann Arbor Ultimate would not be possible if not for our volunteer captains. Each season, we rely on this group to facilitate safe and spirited ultimate. Please consider volunteering!

About Captaining

Who Are Captains?

Captains are players who have volunteered to help facilitate games throughout a season. Usually, a team will have two captains to lead and communicate throughout a league season and be representatives of Ann Arbor Ultimate at our games and events.

What Do Captains Do?

At their core, captains help facilitate a safe and spirited environment for us to play ultimate. Captains can serve many different roles from organizer, to morale booster, to coach, to rules guru, name it. Different captains bring different skills and serve different primary roles. Throughout a typical season, captains will send reminder emails for upcoming games, set up the field before games, bring the team in for huddles and discussions during games, check in with the other team's captains, and fill out end-of-game and end-of-season reports. These are the baseline functions that captains are asked to perform, but all captains are encouraged to bring whatever they personally find fulfilling.

Can I Be a Team Captain?

Yes! The health of our league depends on having a wide variety of captains: all ages, all experience levels, and all identities and backgrounds! Captains are not expected to fill every possible role. If you have any interest in volunteering, put a 1 or 2 in the "How Much I'd Like to Be a Captain" portion of your registration. The Ann Arbor Ultimate Captain's Committee and leadership group are always there to support captains throughout the process. This includes providing a captains training before each league and generally being available to talk about different ways to support your players, help build team cohesion, and keep up morale. Upon fulfilling their duties at the end of the season, captains receive monetary compensation.

How Are Captains Selected?

Our Captain's Committee considers many factors when reaching out to interested players to fill a captain's role. If you would like to captain but are unsure about anything, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Captains Committee or Directors.

Captain's Handbook

Our Captain's Handbook contains everything you need to know about captaining a team in Ann Arbor Ultimate.

Last Updated: February 8th, 2024