Ann Arbor Ultimate

Ann Arbor Ultimate Safety Expectations for Fall 2021

In order to create a safe space when we gather, the listed safety expectations should be followed at all Ann Arbor Ultimate events. These guidelines may change as restrictions are lifted and legal/government guidelines change. A2U leadership will notify you if/when these changes have been made. All in-person events will adhere to all legal and recommended guidelines (State, CDC, Local Health Departments, etc).

Personal Responsibility

The situation regarding COVID-19 is rapidly evolving and there are many unknowns. It’s impossible to completely eliminate risk. Everyone participates at their own risk, and we are all responsible for doing everything we can to mitigate it as much as possible.

  • Monitor yourself for any symptoms & potential exposures. Do not show up to any in-person events if you have any symptoms, positive test, known exposure, or potential exposure. The exception to this, per CDC guidelines, is that you may participate at in-person events after a known exposure if you were fully vaccinated when exposed and remain asymptomatic.
  • Anyone who is sick is expected to stay home and only return to play when they have been cleared by a doctor.
  • If you find out that you are sick or potentially were exposed to COVID-19 previous to a gathering, we ask that you inform the A2U directors. so that everyone who was present can be notified about their potential exposure. We will keep your information anonymous.

Face Masks

At this time, face masks for vaccinated players are not required. However, we strongly encourage unvaccinated players to wear face masks. Our face mask policy is subject to change at any time according to local and state guidelines.


Ann Arbor Ultimate will provide Captains with a continuous supply of hand sanitizer, wipes, and cones.

  • Each player should supply at minimum their own water, masks, cleats, snacks & sunscreen.
  • We encourage the use of headbands/sweatbands and/or towels to avoid excessive touching of your face.
  • If desirable, bring your own hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for discs (Captains will always have some)


We are not health experts, but these recommendations are based on listening to those who are.

  • Sanitizing your hands at the start, during (at regular intervals), and after gatherings is recommended.
  • Avoid touching your faces during activities. Consider bringing a hat, headband, or sweatband.
  • Please wash your hands before leaving your home, and when you get back home.

*Each person’s safety and health is a priority. If you feel someone is purposefully disregarding these safety expectations or you feel is creating an unsafe experience, please do not hesitate to immediately stop your participation for the day and to bring it to the attention of the directors. Captains are asked to help monitor and encourage safe practices according to these expectations, however they are not expected to resolve disputes or otherwise enforce anything. If a Director is present at an event, you may also feel free to engage with them in the moment as well.

Directors will be checking in with Captains regularly to do our best to foster a safe environment. Directors will also be sending reminders, warnings and, if necessary, removing a participant from playing.

Additional Resources

For more information please visit:
Washtenaw County
Wayne County
State of Michigan

Last Updated: September 8th, 2021